Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Carlos' Birthday

We went to John's Incredible Pizza in Victorville!!!! Yeah!!! A friend of Joseph's named Carlos turned 7 years old the other day. He invited us to his party and we had a blast! We got him a huge, super soaker, squirt gun that made even the boys scream in excitement when he opened it. I feel bad that we didn't get a picture of Carlos but I did get some great pictures of the kids. Thanks Carlos for inviting us to such a fun birthday party.

The air hockey game was a great favorite. The kids just loved it. I think someone else loved it too. Of course, Jon loves anything that makes his kids laugh!
Carlos had a face painter at his party. She did a real good job. I have a picture of his other cheek further down while he is doing bumper cars. I thought it was good that she had some boy themes to paint.
A little wind blown but having fun just the same. This little fire truck took 2 coins per ride. I think we must have spent 5 dollars on it alone. I am not complaining , I am just saying... She REALLLLLLLLY loved this fire truck. LOLOL
And, of course, the bumper cars. This was his first time ever to be on bumper cars. He took only about 2 seconds to figure them out and then- well I think you can see all over his face what he thought of them then. :D I had so much fun watching his glee. Bump after bump he won't let us forget this experience ever!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Joseph doing Karate

The first video of Joseph I have taken with my new photo camera. He is so cute and I love his energy. His Sensei Linda has done such a great job working with him and his moves have gradually become really great! I think that she is telling him to pull his leg back in after he kicks or to kick straighter. Anyway, she is a fabulous teacher and he loves Karate.