Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First starting ballet and then doing much better.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a great Sunday!

Today is the day before our anniversary but we decided to enjoy it today instead because Jon has to work all day tomorrow. It was such a great day. Here is Rebekah all dressed up for church. She wanted to wear a costume but this is as far as I would let her. I made her the skirt for Easter this year but the shirt I made is very stained. Luckily she had this beautiful shirt that matched nicely. And, of course, she wanted flowers in her hair too. The situation is that she is beginning to love her Barbie Mariposa video. In the video Mariposa gets a crown of flowers.

And Joseph, who wasn't too thrilled to be showing of his new hair cut and so gave me a funny face. Since Jon cut his hair it was very easy to convince Joseph that it would be best to cut his too, especially since he was experiencing mom combing out the tangles.

Below is Jon showing the kids how magnets work. Jon and I teach the kids' Sunday School class and that is the room he is in.
Then off to the Rodeo. Although it looks like these two aren't having a good time (and I admit there were moments of agonizing boredom) they are really just waiting for everything to start. Yup, Jon couldn't resist getting them both a hat. Joseph chose brown and Rebekah chose purple.

Rebekah's hat didn't stay on long. I think it was bugging her. The rodeo was a little to grown up for her but she did her best. The problem was the time in between events.
Of course, I tried to keep her occupied. I don't know why but I just love this picture. Strange, huh?
Joseph was pretty into it. He liked it when they roped the calves and, of course, his highlight was when they rode the big bulls at the very end.
Isn't the desert beautiful behind this scene of a poor calf being roped. You can see for miles and miles out here.
Oh Ya, He loved running around the corral too. LOL