Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swim days are here!!!

Jeremy enjoying the heat!! So cute.
Rebekah and Jeremy!!!

Awww! Rebekah loves Jeremy.

Having fun.

Rebekah running on the slip'n'slide.

Rebekah being brave and sticking her feet in the "big pool." Joseph set up the libo thing to jump over.

We have spent at least one day a week with them and have had so much fun!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Joseph, Rebekah, and Jeremy

These are some pictures I have been able to capture of the three of them together. These are actually the first pictures of my three kids altogether.

This is the first picture of all of them, taken in the hospital the day Jeremy was born.
This one was taken as Jeremy's first car trip- coming home from the hospital.

I took this one shortly after getting home from the hospital. So this is the first one of them altogether at home.
And, of course, clean laundry not getting folded (and many other chores not getting done) but don't worry because I am spending time with my kids and that is most important!!! :)
I am SOOOOO glad that they all love each other so much!