Monday, June 27, 2011

Jeremy and Gavin

JEREMY AND GAVIN!!!!! I love that they are almost the same age and that they had such a great time together!!! Thanks so much Daniel and Stephanie for letting me watch him so Jeremy could get to know him better. As I was posting these pictures, Jeremy kept pointing to the pictures with Gavin, as if to say, "I remember him." Can't wait until next time!!!! Big Hugs!!!!
Fun on the quad!!! Well, with mommy pushing. hahaha
Every time I said, "Say Cheese" Gavin would smile and Jeremy would hide his face or close his eyes. hahaha
Uhhh, one too many pics lady. hahaha Oh and Jeremy, "Come on mooooooom.... " HAHAHAHA
Love this boy!!!!
Yes, this picture is slightly out of order. LOL
Busy, busy...
Both playing with soccer balls.
Then they threw them at the same time. LOL
He loved carrying around the "puppy." heehee
Pushing his toy around the yard.
JEREMY!!!! I love you so much!!!!
Here he comes!
Climbing through!
You made it!!!
Down the slide with Jeremy following behind.
Here comes Jeremy!!!
And back up again! :)
Down the driveway.
On our way to pick up Rebekah, Jeremy asleep one way...
And Gavin asleep the other way. LOL
Until Gavin moved and now they are nodded off together. Once I got home, they both went down for their naps so easily!!!
In the castle!
Is that Gavin? Or the newest Knight?

It's Gavin the Knight!!! Ready to rescue the princess and slay the dragon.
At Catherine's house! Smiles all around!!!
Jeremy playing with Robyn.
Daniel and Stephanie!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
Playing together again! :D
And always fun to see Christopher!!! Give him a little time and he will be giving his cousins, Gavin and Jeremy a run for their money!!!
My silly Baby Bear!!!!
Playing while mommy rides Catherine's exercise bike. LOL
Playing with Grandpa!!! I love this little man!!!!
Are you hiding in a cubby?!!!
And so is Gavin!!!
Jeremy, why you closing your eyes when mommy is trying to get another picture?
Too many pictures?
There he is!!!!!

In these, Jeremy scratches Gavin :( But he is ok. and other bits of Jeremy and Gavin playing together!!! It was so much fun watching them!!!!