Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Sunday!!!

Christmas Sunday is very important to me. I make Rebekah a Christmas dress, buy new shirts for the boys (cute one for Jeremy and one that matches Rebekah's dress for Joseph), but besides looking our best, I love it because I know what the sermon will be about. Something about God loving me so much that He came down to earth to save us all.... The Holy becoming my Friend.

The Christmas dress I made Rebekah this year.
I love fixing up Rebekah's hair. We did it in curls with pink glitter sprayed in.
My sweet Baby Bear!!!! So adorable!!
Sitting together around the tree at church. :D
Very windy on Sunday!!! Joseph helping his sister.
Awwwww!!! They love each other.... sometimes. LOL
My little princess!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Nutcracker!!!

Joseph and Rebekah! Such an awesome memory!!!

Joseph being silly.
Right after the show he came and sat for two seconds and I quickly snapped two shots of him. LOL MAN! He is so good looking!!!
Rebekah and her teacher Amanda!!! Wow! I just realized that they kind of look alike here. hahaha Both Stunningly beautiful!!!

Such a pretty and sweet Cherry Bon Bon!!!!
Joseph was the mischievous Fritz who broke the Nutcracker.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Us at the Pumpkin patch!!!

This pumpkin patch also has a petting zoo area, pony rides, a little train ride, and a gift shop. Last year there was corn maze too but we went to early this year and the corn wasn't tall enough.
Jeremy fell asleep on the way so the first bit he was a little out of it.
I love this picture! Having fun while the wind blows through his hair.
A large girl painted pumpkin to play in.
Love this picture!!!
Walking through the pumpkins.
Rebekah loved this white one!
Joseph wanting to be pushing the wheelbarrow. :D My boy is growing up.
Joseph trying to lift the big pumpkin.
Jon with the prize pumpkin (btw, it is now beautiful and orange in front of our yard.).
Towards the end Jeremy get excited about what we were doing and started bringing any pumpkin he could lift to the wheelbarrow. Hahahaha We had to sneak them back out onto the ground when he wasn't looking.
It was so adorable seeing him try to pick up each one until he finds one he can lift.
"And this one... and this one... and this one. Man, now that I know what you guys are doing, I can be a big help!"

Joseph and Rebekah holding hands as they walk. A sweet brother/sister moment.
"And some of these...."
"All these fun little pumpkins!"
"I have to go to the bathroom."
"Can I buy it with my own money?"

I really hope these videos loaded. Big Hugs everyone!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My beautiful Children!!!

Joseph, 8 going on 15. LOL

My sweet Rebekah. She loves curly hair so every once and a while I do her hair in rags the night before and these are the curls we get the next day. She loooooooves them. LOL
Dear sweet Jeremy!!!
All my children bring a smile to my face and joy in my heart.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joseph's 8th Birthday!!!

Wow!!! What a summer and now to cap it off with my sweet baby boy's eighth birthday party. I can't believe it!!! How in the world did he suddenly get to be eight? His hair is proof of his becoming his own little man. Soon school will be starting and I will miss him like crazy. Love you Joseph!!!!
Joseph!!!! Man of the hour!!!

I thought the lighting was cool with the Ironman theme.

Jon and Wendy!!! Totally sweet!!!

LOL I love this picture!!! We were goofing around and took like 20 pics. LOL
Grandpa Don
April- who is holding Emily's new baby Jimmy, Emily, and Matthew Jr. Matthew's kids.
I love this picture!!!! Jon and Rebekah!!!
Uncle Matthew!

Joseph protecting Shawn.
Jimmy!!! Joseph's friend from next door.
The trampoline is always a big hit!
Sweet Jasmine!!! This is Joy's daughter, Dennis and Karen's granddaughter.
He positions himself. :D He loves to pose!!!
The protector of the fair maiden. :D
New school clothes!!!
Present time!!!
Joseph and Marysa.
The cake was so awesome. Thank you Helen Ribera. And yes, the light in his chest is on! :D
Oh cool!!!! That new voice Ironman helmet from Grandpa Bill. (And a catch of Jeremy on the left.)
Melissa and Gerard showing Joseph his new pillow. Totally cool!!!
Joseph loving his pillow from Melissa.
Joseph's Grandpa Don and Aunt Marylee.
My dear sweet Grandpa Tom.
The Quilt I made Joseph. I am going to post more pictures on http://wanderingrose.blogspot.com/
Joseph's new sunglasses.
Dennis and Karen with their grandbaby Jasmine. She isn't happy to have to leave. :( But I really love this picture and how the light caught in Karen's hair.
Cousins.... friends!!!
Joseph and Marysa!!! Ironman and Ironlady. heehee