Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Christmas Pictures

Christmas was really great this year. We had such a wonderful time making it a great Christmas for our kids. I am posting these pics in random order because time is getting away from me and I want to just get them posted before it is Valentines day. LOL I had some adorable video clips too but for some reason they aren't loading. Maybe next time. Love you all.Christmas morning. Joseph putting together one of his Bionicles.

My big blue-eyed sweetheart!!!
The tiara is from Auntie Catherine. The Princess attitude... I have no idea. LOL
Yup!!! We bought them a drum set for the kids. Yup!!! He believes he is a rockstar. LOL
I don't know... I just kind of like this picture. :D
A very happy boy. Two Bionicles for Christmas. Does life get any better?
JEREMY!!!! Everyday is his adventure.
Did I mention that Joseph LOVES to pose for the camera.
A doll-sized carrier, swing, and stroller. It just can't get opened fast enough. Although I don't remember why the expression.
Nope, he didn't waste anytime getting these put together and he has been playing with them and the others he has ever since.
"Hmmm, what is this?"
Joseph's first expression when he saw the drumsticks fall out of his stocking.
Believe it or not they didn't see the drumset until after we opened all the other presents and the stockings partly because we had it covered in a sheet.
My ship has come in... my children are happy. :)
"Hmmmm, they keep saying drumstick. Looks more like something to eat."
"Yes, I truly am this adorable."
These are rag curls I did for Rebekah for Christmas Eve. I am so proud of them.
Joseph played with his cousin Logan most the evening.
Rebekah and Jon on Christmas Eve at my Aunt Janice's house. She is such a beautiful girl!!!
The back picture of the dress I made for her for Christmas.