Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer season!!!

We had quite a busy day yesterday. Soccer season started off with a bang. We had to get Rebekah in for her team pictures at 8:15 and then off to her first game at 9am, followed by Joseph's first game at 10am and then lunch and then his team pictures at 12:50. The fact that we made it all happen with our new Jeremy in tow was great team work from the best family ever!!!
Rebekah's team is the White Tigers and Joseph's is the Mighty Tigers!! GO TIGERS!!!!
As usual we had our share of tears this morning as our drama queen was pushed or wasn't fast enough to get the ball. LOL But we had some great smiles as well.

Joseph is more our casual player. He plays soccer for the fun of it. I love watching him run.
In the picture below he is helping he team and is the third orange player back.
And, of course, our team mascot!! JEREMY!!!