Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joseph in Little League

This is Joseph on third base in his "ready to run" stance.
Rebekah being very patient as she plays during Joseph's games.
This is Rebekah watching the opening ceremonies. I have never seen an opening ceremony and it was very exciting for us.
Joseph LOVES baseball!!!
Joseph was first in the line up on opening day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rebekah's First Haircut and Joseph's First Little League Team

Auntie Carole does our hair and Saturday was Rebekah's first haircut. It was about time. I love her hair long but she needed some dry ends cut.
Rebekah did such a good job at doing everything she was suppose to do. Maybe because she has seen Joseph do it so many times.
I actually think that she really loved this part. lol Such a beautiful princess.And Carole finished it off with two beautiful french braids.
This is Joseph's first Little League coach. Here she is helping him bat. She told me today that he bats better left handed. I kind of knew that since that is how he batted all last season of T-ball.
He really loves baseball. Although he has been hurt twice now. Once the ball hit his arm and another time hit next to his eye. But it is making him pay better attention.

Here he is with some of his teammates. His team is the Orioles. They should be getting their uniforms soon. I need to get him some black pants and orange socks. Opening day is March 14th.
Also, I wanted to include this picture. We went to another Karate tournament two Sunday's ago. I knew that it would be a rough one when I saw a particular Karate school come in. Their entire school was pretty much there and they are all really, really good. Their was 6 of them in Joseph's division (9 total in his division). He got the medal for participation in his Open Hand Kata and he also used the numchucks for a weapons Kata. But the trophy he got for second place in sparring. We were sooooo proud. And he sparred first so he had to spar 4 times (unlike the 1st place winner who only spared twice). It is an odd way of doing things but we were so happy anyway. This was the first time he competed in sparring.