Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Rebekah

Rebekah is 5 years old today. I thought it would be a good day to post pictures of her birthday party we had last Saturday. We all had such a great time.

My princess all dressed and ready for her big day. Watching tv, of course, so mom can finish getting things ready.
And what do my little eyes see?!!! Only the prettiest cake every made.
It was huge!!! And so beautiful!!!How many Blake brothers does it take to put up a flower pinata??? Actually, pinatas are a bit tricky to get up, especially since they make them so cheap these days and plastic strap thing keeps pulling out.
Oh ya, don't forget to hit the ground twice every time you get ready to bat... even if you are about to hit a pinata.
My sister Angel, here with her boyfriend but here to play with Rebekah. My siblings are very selfless, they always take as much time out of their lives to be with my kids. They visit me to give to my children and that to me is the greatest gift you could give me.
The bounce house was a huge success.
Rebekah and her cake.
Rebekah kept asking when can we open presents so when I told her after everyone was done with their cake she ran over and sat by the table of presents to wait.
Finally, present time.
Rebekah loved to "read" the cards. Usually sounded like babble and then she would announce who I said it was from.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Even though it is hard to see, he is in orange with two adults in orange right behind him and he is throwing the ball.
Practicing batting.
Rebekah was so patient and so much fun.
What a cutie. This was an awesome day. We came to the stadium at 10am for what is called a "clinic" where the Maverick players practice for two and a half hours with the kids. Then we went to have lunch which we bar-b-qued in the back of our coaches pick-up. Then at 3pm the Mavericks played and won. Joseph sat with a talent scout for a little while who was timing pitches and even threw peanuts into the announcer box. haha It was such a great day. The Mavericks are a lower team that recruits from colleges and such and Jon tells me that the really good ones will go on to be Angels. Joseph even got a small souvenir bat that he got most of the players to sign for him . Thanks so much to Butch and Laura (Joseph's coaches) for making this day possible.