Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rebekah's 4th Birthday Party

Getting ready on her big day! She was so happy to get a tiara like Ruby in "Max and Ruby."
The cake was a big hit especially the Cinderella, which is her favorite.Our Cinderella is ready for her party with gifts and all.
Rebekah's cousin Marlaina is always a favorite guest, along with her older sisters, Robyn and Katelynn who came too!And our sister Princess, Rebekah's dear friend Paulina!!!
And we cannot forget another sister Princess, Rebekah's cousin Marysa. They all played with Rebekah's fake food and dishes and new tent.Opening presents! SHOES!!! My daughters passion and one of the presents she got from her grandma.
The table and chairs we got her were a great addition of fun to the party.My sweet boy was so helpful and really enjoyed the party and his sister turning 4.
Aw new clothes! Not much better than that. Rebekah loves them and I am happy too.
Oh no!!! Do I hear spoiled miss Hollywood coming around the corner? LOL

And this picture is the next day in her adorable outfit. Shoes from grandma Cathy, dress from auntie Catherine, and sunglasses from auntie Esther; and as usual playing with the church phone and calling Chuckie Cheeses.

This is Rebekah's first Karate lesson. Something that comes with being 4. I just love this little video because she is so adorable and because of how Joseph keeps looking back to look lovingly at his sister.


Tattycat said...

Hi Wendy. I took a quick tour through all of your blogs and I am amazed. So much beautiful work, such a sweet spirit and two beautiful, precious children. It looks like the party was great fun!

sara said...

I LOVE the princess party!! I can't wait for our princess to come home!!

I love how Joseph is so protective over Rebekah! Their relationship is sweet...

Tara said...

Love your princess's cake, dress, tent, table!! A true princess party!