Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rebekah's Last Soccer Game

Rebekah was more interested in finding things like leaves some of the time. LOL

Rebekah and some of her team getting practicing with the sun in their eyes. So cute!!!
Rebekah's soccer coach letter her throw the ball in. He wanted to her to throw it to the child furthest down but she has this thing for the blond behind the orange players there so she threw it to him. Silly girl. Good choice though since he is the coaches son.

Rebekah running. She sure didn't seem to like soccer at the beginning of the season but more towards the end she was playing the entire game. Her season ended two weeks before Joseph's and she still wanted to get ready for a soccer game when she didn't have one anymore. I just helped her and didn't tell her that she wouldn't have one. Hopefully, she won't notice this Saturday at Joseph's last game either.

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Tara said...

Go Rebekah!

I can't get over their soccer uniforms - just like the pro's!