Sunday, February 8, 2009

Joseph's Karate Demo

Saturday Joseph's Karate Sensei (teacher) had many of her students do a demo for the halftime of two college basketball games. The students practiced very hard and they did so well. I don't have the whole demo recorded (it was a full 10 minutes) but I put up some of it. The first video is of the first part of the demo and Joseph is involved quite a bit. The second video was further in the demo but was also a part that Joseph was in. I am so proud of him. I apologize that everytime I zoom in or out that the sound goes off. It was a really great night. He will be doing the demo again on February 18th for another basketball game. If anyone would like to come and watch the entire demo and see Joseph just let me know.
Another great part of this demo is how much closer each of the students got to each other. Working together to make it a truly great show.


sara said...

So Cool!!! I loved looking at your Christmas pictures! Looks like every one made out pretty good ;=)

In His Care said...

WOW! That is a great video. I enjoyed seeing Joseph do his routine again. I am going to try to be there next time also. Thanks for letting me know about this. Love, Grandma