Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joseph in Little League

This is Joseph on third base in his "ready to run" stance.
Rebekah being very patient as she plays during Joseph's games.
This is Rebekah watching the opening ceremonies. I have never seen an opening ceremony and it was very exciting for us.
Joseph LOVES baseball!!!
Joseph was first in the line up on opening day.


Tara said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was time for baseball already! Hope Joseph has a fun season!

sara said...

We grew up with baseball (2 brothers in the midwest, what else?) I still LOVE it! I am going to try to talk my guys into it this summer? :)

Hang in there, Mama, with home schooling. I have thought of you often. THe last few weeks for me have gone better since I (think) I turned over to God some issues I was having and prayed for HELP!!! I love my kids SOO much (as you do!) and I am just not sure that I want them in school right now, but that stinkin enemy is PERSISTENT!!!!!!!! I hate what I've become some days and I really want to quit, I want someone else to step in & help me, darn it....but ultimately, I can only pray that our decisions will be godly and steeped in HIS goodness!!!!!!

You are a wonderful mother and your children are always going to remember that & the sacrifices you made for them!!