Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cristmas Sunday

Christmas Sunday!!! Christmas is almost here and the magic is everywhere!
Joseph acting a bit silly in his new shirt. And the food is getting nice and packed on the table.

This is the new Christmas dress that I made Rebekah. I am so happy that I finished it way ahead of time.
Jeremy has a new Christmas outfit too. And he loves the sound that empty water bottles make when you squeeze them. LOL

Alisa, Melissa, Esther, Chris and little Garreth.
My sweet, silly husband. Do you wonder why all the kids love him? LOL Rebekah had to change into her pink dress half-way through the party. Why? I have no idea.
My dear sweet grandparents. I love them so much!!!
Auntie Angel!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the BEST!!!!
Auntie Esther and Uncle Chris!!!! You are the BEST TOO!!!!!

He got up here all by himself. Actually yesterday (Tuesday the 22nd) he started pulling himself up to standing and he has a new tooth. He is only 6 months old!!! What happened to my baby? LOL

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Football & Fried Rice said...

Rebekah's party dress is GORGEOUS!! You did an amazing job ;) I can't believe how big Jeremy is getting! you are truly blessed this season!

Merry Christmas, Wendy!