Saturday, May 1, 2010


These photos and videos are in random order. Sorry. I am too tired to organize them. Love you all.
Joseph on the left. Waiting with a friend to play ball.
The guy in black is one of the players working with Joseph.

Joseph (with his hand on his cheek) waiting with his team for the clinic to start.

Trying to figure out stepping to bat.

This is Joseph at the Mavericks Clinic. Learning from the players. Look who is finally in Tball!!! She is the prettiest one on the field!!

Sweet sister!
Hmmmm, Let's see. :D

Jeremy is always so much fun!!! (Well.... not quite always but when he is, he really is!) LOL

Joseph playing outfield with his team.

Jon and Joseph watching the Mavericks game after the clinic.

Rebekah, not quite so happy as we waited in line to get into the stadium.

Joseph is the runner coming to the third base. This is how they practice with the professional players during a clinic.

He is such a great kid!!!

I love seeing him make friends and having fun!

Jeremy enjoying some time to run around after the clinic and just before the game.

And again, flashing his adorable smile.

Rebekah's first time up to bat with her new team.

Rebekah making it home for the first time.

Joseph making an easy catch and throw.

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