Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Sunday!!!

Christmas Sunday is very important to me. I make Rebekah a Christmas dress, buy new shirts for the boys (cute one for Jeremy and one that matches Rebekah's dress for Joseph), but besides looking our best, I love it because I know what the sermon will be about. Something about God loving me so much that He came down to earth to save us all.... The Holy becoming my Friend.

The Christmas dress I made Rebekah this year.
I love fixing up Rebekah's hair. We did it in curls with pink glitter sprayed in.
My sweet Baby Bear!!!! So adorable!!
Sitting together around the tree at church. :D
Very windy on Sunday!!! Joseph helping his sister.
Awwwww!!! They love each other.... sometimes. LOL
My little princess!


Val said...

They are so cute! Rebekah's dress is pretty! (:

Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow - Rebekah's dress is amazing!! You are so talented!

So fun to catch up with y'all. Joseph's hair is GORGEOUS! (shh, don't tell HIM that!!) and your baby bear?? CUTE as can be!!!!