Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation Bible School

"Positive" and "Negative" pumped up the kids each morning with really exciting cheers and skits. Mr. Science came in with a new kid-friendly experiment each day and, as Positive related the experiment to Jesus, Mr. Science eventually learned about what Jesus had done for him and accepted Jesus as his Saviour on Thursday along with a lot of the kids.
Joseph was very clinging to me on the first day. I wanted him to see that this is not just the church his parents bring him to but that this is "his" place to come, worship God, and fellowship with other kids that worship God too. On Tuesday, he began to not "need" to sit on my lap and started getting interested in what was actually going on.He even did some of the hand motions to the songs. Starting Wednesday, he placed himself at the front of the group.And started really getting into the events taking place.On Friday, he took the ultimate leap and got up front with the other kids who could help lead if they knew the song.He also was extremely into his "science" costume which he wore on Thursday and Friday. Rebekah's favorite part of VBS was Craft Time!!! She just wanted to create all day.
Hamming it up as our scientist.
Game time and having fun learning that this church belongs to them and getting excited about JESUS!!!
This Video was taken on Wednesday (I think). He is so cute. He really starts getting his feet tapping towards the end. Just in case, he is the one in the gray shirt and denim shorts with the blond hair. Sorry about the distractions in this video.


sara said...

Wow, you guys had a live band! We had a DVD :) We did POWER UP, too! It was a good one!

I was amazed to learn of the high percentage of kids at VBS that were completely un-churched. & I think 30 or so kids accepted Christ this year. What a reason to celebrate!!!!!!

Thanks for the love about our Mya :) I will be sure to record & post every possible second! It is such am emotional time!

Tara said...

Looks like a super fun VBS!!

In His Care said...

Lots of beautiful pictures. thank you for including the one where Joseph is opening the CARS lamp that I bought for him. I am glad that he like the gift. Love Mom and Grandma