Thursday, August 28, 2008

All About Joseph

This summer we went to Uncle Pat and Aunt Carole's house and Joseph got to swim freely in a big pool. He only got to do that one time this summer but next summer I think we will get him swimming without swimmers and then he will get more opportunities to swim in the big pool.
We went to another Karate tournament. He didn't get much sleep the night before so he was tired but he sure enjoyed it anyway. Plus his dad bought him the stick.
Here we are showing off some of his moves.On the day of his birthday (August 21st) he wanted to get down all of his trophies and get a picture with them. He is so proud of them. What a great looking 6 year old!!!
Here we are all ready to go get his professional pictures done (something we do every birthday) and just before we go- some showing off for mommy's camera.Plus one of my favorite pictures of the year!!!This picture was taken as we were waiting for his professional pictures to develop. I have a hard time getting a picture in this play area because he loves running like crazy. Can you see him coming out of the cave towards the left? Further down I have a video of Joseph and Rebekah playing here."Is it time for the birthday party?" On Saturday, the 23rd we had his party.Let's get it started!!!
Uncle Cameron brought his pool so that we could have two pools. One for the big kids and this one for the smaller kids.And here are some of the "big kids." Also, my good friend Kim drove over 2 hours to bring her boys. Thanks so much Kim. They had so much fun.
And Rebekah and Marysa did lots together, even brought out Rebekah's princess tent.Rebekah and Jacob playing.
Since it was a swim party... and who can resist SpongeBob? Also we had a Phineas and Ferb poster of them surfing and tons of fish and stuff hanging like the living room was underwater. PRESENTS!!!And the prize of the day... a new bike. What a fun party! As it got later I handed out tons glow sticks, bracelets and necklaces to all the kids and they had fun swimming with them. The next day Rebekah exclaimed, "It was the best party ever."These two videos are of the playground at the mall on the 21st and then, a few days after his birthday, of Joseph figuring out the slip and slide he got from his birthday.

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Tara said...

Happy Birthday to Joseph! Looks like alot of fun festivities! Super cool bike & pool!