Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here is my sweet princess. She was so excited to be going to her first dancing lessons. I have been wanting to put her in for a long time and now I feel the time is right and the teacher is even better. She looks so beautiful in her sweet little little outfit and darling tiny shoes.
As her instructor, Nicole, was helping others stretch Rebekah watched in the mirror and tried on her own. Made me emotional. I am so happy about her being in ballet. She is definitely a girly, girl.

Nicole is so great! This is Rebekah's first lesson and already she began warming up to her. She is patient and yet energetic and inspiring for the girls. This is her helping Rebekah stretch for the first time.
We are going to try and get Rebekah the black leotard before her next lesson but for now she was easy to spot. lol She is the only one in white. She was really excited about all the mirrors and she really wanted to be able to do what the other girls were doing.Meeting new friends!
She was such a trooper at trying new things in front of other people. I am not sure what fancy name they call this in ballet (believe me it has a fancy name, just like all the sweet things they did) but in Karate they call it the duck walk.This is a kind of tiptoe scoot. You know how they do where the right leg stays behind the left all the way across the floor.

And then Nicole would try to get her to stand with her feet in a first position "V" and her arms in a low circle position at the end of each exercise. And I have two videos for you all to see of my sweet princess. I am so excited about this I can't tell you how much it made me happy to see Rebekah loving this.

Check up next week because this Saturday is both Rebekah and Joseph's first soccer games.


Live, Laugh but mostly Love! said...

This is soo soo cute. If I did not already love her to death, I would now.

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness Wendy I think you have a lil'dancer on your hands!!! I can just see her being like Amanda and Step just loving DANCE DANCE DANCE! LOL

Tara said...

A sweet lil' dancer! The small class size is great - lots of one-on-one that way!

sara said...

Oh man, she looks AND acts the dancer role very well, don't you think??