Saturday, December 6, 2008


This is Joseph in the big kids class! He was in Little Dragons since he was 4 years old. The brown stripe on his belt indicates that he was in for quite a while (first solid white, then yellow stripe, orange, blue, green, purple, brown, then black). The stripes are to keep them excited and feeling promoted for time. Now that he is in the big kids class the belts are solid so basically he has a solid white belt again and it will take skill to build up to the solid yellow belt.
He keeps up really well and is less likely to goof off in the older kids class. He is doing really well.
Joseph's last soccer game. He always tried so hard to outsmart the other team. :) Here he is playing as goalie. Below is a video of the last goal of the season he made and of him going for the ball.

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Tara said...

You've done a good job of finding activities for your kiddo's that they enjoy. Always fun to "move up" in class! Congrats Joseph!