Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little Fight

Joseph's teacher was having them practice what it would be like to be in a real sparing match. Before this match began she told the older boy not to get too confident because he may be bigger but Joseph is fast. What she didn't mention is how much Joseph loves to spar. This video is so adorable!!! It is one of my favorite of his Karate shots. I am still not exactly sure how they score the points except maybe you have to get in a punch or a kick without being blocked. There are actually three judges. If the judge covers his eyes then he didn't see the point, if he puts his hand toward Joseph then he saw Joseph get in a point. Each point has to have two judges view it for it to be good. A very exciting match for me.

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In His Care said...

That match was real fun to watch, it reminded me of when Joshua and Daniel use to spar. I am glad that I finally figured out that Joseph and Rebekah have their own website. Thanks for your patience.