Friday, January 2, 2009


Actually playing as the snow is coming down!!!

All day and into the evening. It was like the snow gave my kids super energy.
The 7 foot snowman.

And on into the next day!!! Lots of pictures of Rebekah eating.
Cool just loved the snow. She kept acting like, "What am I suppose to do with all this white stuff?"

Sledding while Uncle John pulled them on his quad.

We ran up onto the hill behind our house and the kids made "real" snow angels (rather than the usual dirt angels).

By day three the drive way was mush and ice. But the snow was still everywhere. Never have I ever seen snow last this long in my desert. In our backyard (where there was more shade) it lasted at least five days.


Tara said...

So fun that your kids got to enjoy a snowstorm - sounds like it's a rare thing in your neck of the woods! Happy 2009!

sara said...

Snow in the desert!?!?! What a treat!!!!