Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rebekah at Marysa's Birthday Tea Party

We had such a great time at Rebekah's cousin's house. Marysa wanted a tea party for her birthday and it was girls only so Rebekah and I went.
They got to choose lovely hats and get the flowers they wanted hotglued on them.
Hair was done by Auntie Carole, make-up done by her cousin April, hats were done by her cousin Brittney, and necklaces were done by her cousin Stephanie. What a fun day of primping for the girls.
Auntie Marylee (Marysa's mom) bought all the girls their own little animal and tea cup. It was great fun and I know the girls loved it.
Rebekah (on the far left) wanted to wear her Snow White dress and was so poised the whole day. So cute!!! Marysa is in the center of the sofa.

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Tara said...

Sounds like it was not only a tea party, but a day at the "beauty salon"! So fun to have hair & make-up done. :)