Monday, April 13, 2009

Decorating Easter eggs with daddy.

The kids putting in their first eggs of the year.

Sunday morning in her new dress and hairdo.
On our way to church. Joseph is always the poser and yet very hard to catch a picture of (you have to get him when he is buckled in and has no where to go hehe).
Playing games at Auntie Esther's house with Uncle David.
Decorating eggs at Auntie Esther's house.


Tara said...

Rebekah's up-do is very pretty! I'm sure she felt like a princess that day! Looks like a wonderful Easter day.

sara said...

WHEN did you announce baby-on-the-way?????? where have I been? I am going to stalk you now. I want to talk to you at school & see how things are going. email me sometime!! Love, Sara

p.s. congrats on the BABY!!!!!!!

sara said...

Ok, I just saw you & the new babe - clearly this is not NEW news!!! When is the baby coming? Are the kids thrilled?????

i am.

sara said...

And I don't want to talk to you "at" school. I want to talk to you ABOUT school :)