Monday, June 15, 2009

Everyone is so in love with this boy. I have a hard time not looking at him. I just love to stare and rub his sweet little hands and feet and head and kiss his tiny face. I have to say, for being the wiggliest baby in my tummy, he sure is a calm one out of my tummy. Almost too calm. He hardly ever cries and loves to just look around and see what is going on (at least when he isn't sleeping lol). Yup, he sleeps a lot, like all babies. I guess you can tell because I have a hard time getting to my blog and also my sewing. Enjoy the pictures and videos!
Rebekah is such a sweet big sister!!!
Joseph loves his little brother so much!!!

Such a great baby!!! Everyone loves him so much!!!

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Tara said...

Such a sweet time and what a blessing that he is such a good baby! These pictures are precious.