Saturday, June 27, 2009

Starring Rebekah!!!

Rebekah's pretty costume!Being silly!
Rebekah after the show blowing kisses to everyone!!!
Miss Nicole, Rebekah's ballet instructor and Mr. DeCaprio- Nicole's instructor.
Nora and Rebekah at dress rehearsal on Monday.
Rebekah after the show with flowers from Grandpa.
Slightly bored with me but striking a pretty pose.

This was her main event. These three girls are the girls in her class. The other girls in the white were in a slightly older class and had a different dance. She is the one in the middle coming out and then I am mostly focused on her after I zoom in.

This one is cute because they had all the girls help with it. She is behind the girl in yellow and she is still in her white dress. She is just suppose to bounce around with her partner. I love this clip because you can see all the action happening around her as well.

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Tara said...

Dance recital! So fun! I loved when my girls took ballet & tap. Rebekah's costume is very pretty. Has she been wearing it around the house since performing in it?? :)