Friday, August 28, 2009

Joseph's 7th Birthday Party!!!

His newest hobby, the Bionicles was the theme!!! We shared his birthday this year with other August Blake birthday's.

Pinatas are always a favorite at parties.

And presents, of course, this was a pillow made by Melissa.

Thanking Grandpa for the clothes (one piece being the shirt he is wearing).

He also got some bionicles. One really huge one from David and Mata Nui (a much coveted bionicle) from Uncle Chris and Auntie Esther.

Putting them together. (the next day)

Jeremy, Auntie Esther, and Grandma at the party.

Great fun Swimming!!!

Throwing soda cans in the pool. LOL Naughty boy.

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Tara said...

Cool birthday cake! I'm not familiar with you build those? Looks like a super fun party! Happy birthday, Joseph!