Saturday, August 8, 2009

So Much Happening- So Little Time

Yes, So much has been happening. Just having a baby is a whole new 24/7 job let alone all the other stuff you are already doing. This was a sad/happy month for us. Sad in that two very dear people died... both of Cancer. Check out my blog for pictures of my Uncle Dennis Happy in that our new little life, Jeremy is a wonderful gift that we all enjoy.
My Three beautiful children having fun together. Who could ask for more?

He is really been smiling more and more lately... and, yes, I rule. LOL

My little Moses in a basket. :)

Joseph is getting so good at helping me with Jeremy. Sometimes he will hold him for a bit to help me out. Both kids LOVE to hold him.
Jeremy is starting to enjoy his world.
Such a big boy. He weighed almost 15 pounds on 8/6/09.


Joseph just loved Vacation Bible School this year. We did Roman Days theme. He learned so much so quickly. I am so happy with VBS because it seems to help my kids claim our church as their own and brings them to a whole new understanding of who God is for them.

Doing craft. Rebekah likes VBS too.
Although, she would really rather be in the nursery with me. :)

Rebekah carrying the spirit torch for the preschoolers.

Jeremy and I spent the mornings in the nursery with a couple of really sweet teenagers. This is Krista who is fabulous with kids and loved Jeremy.
Jeremy has such a sweet personality.


I can't believe how summer is speeding by. Many of our days have swimming in them either at the community pool for lessons or at Jon's brother's house. Joseph learned how to swim under water this year.

AHHH!! Adorable, even at age "almost 7!"

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Tara said...

I love your moses basket!

Great pictures of your kids, Wendy! VBS, swimming, baby brother to help with...your kids (& YOU) have been busy! :) Jeremy's smile could melt any heart. He's a cutie!