Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joseph's 8th Birthday!!!

Wow!!! What a summer and now to cap it off with my sweet baby boy's eighth birthday party. I can't believe it!!! How in the world did he suddenly get to be eight? His hair is proof of his becoming his own little man. Soon school will be starting and I will miss him like crazy. Love you Joseph!!!!
Joseph!!!! Man of the hour!!!

I thought the lighting was cool with the Ironman theme.

Jon and Wendy!!! Totally sweet!!!

LOL I love this picture!!! We were goofing around and took like 20 pics. LOL
Grandpa Don
April- who is holding Emily's new baby Jimmy, Emily, and Matthew Jr. Matthew's kids.
I love this picture!!!! Jon and Rebekah!!!
Uncle Matthew!

Joseph protecting Shawn.
Jimmy!!! Joseph's friend from next door.
The trampoline is always a big hit!
Sweet Jasmine!!! This is Joy's daughter, Dennis and Karen's granddaughter.
He positions himself. :D He loves to pose!!!
The protector of the fair maiden. :D
New school clothes!!!
Present time!!!
Joseph and Marysa.
The cake was so awesome. Thank you Helen Ribera. And yes, the light in his chest is on! :D
Oh cool!!!! That new voice Ironman helmet from Grandpa Bill. (And a catch of Jeremy on the left.)
Melissa and Gerard showing Joseph his new pillow. Totally cool!!!
Joseph loving his pillow from Melissa.
Joseph's Grandpa Don and Aunt Marylee.
My dear sweet Grandpa Tom.
The Quilt I made Joseph. I am going to post more pictures on http://wanderingrose.blogspot.com/
Joseph's new sunglasses.
Dennis and Karen with their grandbaby Jasmine. She isn't happy to have to leave. :( But I really love this picture and how the light caught in Karen's hair.
Cousins.... friends!!!
Joseph and Marysa!!! Ironman and Ironlady. heehee


Val said...

that is awesome! his outfit is the bomb! xD
sorry we couldn't make it! <3

Football and Fried Rice said...

Happy Birthday, Joseph - 8 is a huge milestone! ((does he still have his front teeth?!)

I love the picture of Rebekah and her Daddy - you can't tell they are madly in love or anything :-)