Monday, July 5, 2010

Jeremy's Birthday Party

New sunglasses Mommy!!!
Hmmm, How do you get these to work?

Here we go!!!

Playing with his new sunglasses.

Throwing the tissue paper... true Blake.

Rebekah, Marysa, and Joseph.

New yard toys! YEAH!!!

Learning to go through.

Thank you Auntie for helping!!!

Jeremy with his candle on his cake. Rebekah snuck up and blew it out. :D

I made the cake. It is actually brownies!!! With store bought chocolate frosting. On top of that are leaves from my rose bushes, banana candies that the kids and I got out of a machine at the Pizza Hut, and a rattle I found at Walmart.

Since it was such a busy day for him that I had a rough time getting a good picture of him.

Auntie Esther and Auntie Angel.


HAILEY!!! Jeremy's cousin!

The trampoline is always a big hit!

Ice.... hmmmm... This one shows how he likes to squat. Sometimes he will even duck walk to whatever he is getting to. Very strong legs. :D

This one was actually taken at Rebekah's last Tball game! Man! He is such a cutie!!!

Jeremy eating his birthday cake.

Jeremy playing with one of his new toys. Man, this guy is focused to concentrate so hard with a camera in his face. hahaha

Playing with his new sunglasses!!! :)

Happy First Birthday Chunky Monkey!!!!

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