Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jeremy's first haircut

Yes, my sweet Baby Bear Jeremy had the most beautiful head of curly blonde hair! I loved it so much. That could be why it took me until he was well past 2 years old to cut it for the first time.

See how it comes down in his face, even when it starts to curl up?
Awww THERE HE IS!!!! Love you sweet boy!!!

Not a happy boy. We had tried everything but he definitely didn't want his hair cut. I was very sad too but you can see how hard it was for me to keep it out of his face (eyes, nose, mouth LOL).
Very sad after the first cut. He puts his fingers in his mouth when he isn't sure what else to do.
Poor baby!!! So sad!
I'm sorry by sweet baby bear!!!! I promise that it won't be so bad once it is done.
Look under Carole's fingers at how long it was! Such sweet beautiful blonde curls. Ack!!! I cried a couple of times afterward. I know, I am so vain, even if it isn't even my hair! HAHAHA
Alive still?? Oh good! Whew! Don't gasp too hard. I know you are all sad too. :D
A little less sad, I think he figured there was nothing he could do now.
Poor baby! But you are looking really cute!!!
There is his beautiful face!!!
AHA!!! Daddy knows what will make you happy!!!
Yes, he spent the last half of his hair cut "getting" people with the water bottle. There's my smiley boy!!!
Awwwww, you look ADORABLE!!!!

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Val said...

His haircut looks great! :D