Monday, October 3, 2011

Staying at the Luxor

One of mine and Rebekah's favorite hotels on the strip! So beautiful!!! However, the biggest surprise was that we were staying in the LUXOR!!! The beautiful black pyramid!!!
For some reason I couldn't get a good picture with the flash because it was picking up stuff in the foreground too much or flashing on my car windows (if they were up). And without the flash, the shudder is open too long. So the night pictures of the hotel didn't turn out as well as could be.

The night is young and the fun has just begun!!! YES, we got a room with a jacuzzi in it!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!
This is about where I stopped taking pictures that night. Which I am a little sad about but not too sad because that means my battery was charging and I was jumping in to enjoy the fun! I got into the jacuzzi and we all had a blast! A little too much splashing, catching the air bubbles in our bathing suit and pressing on it to let them out, and all kinds of such nonsense!!! It was too much fun!!!!
Next morning, not so inspired to "live it up." hahaha However, enjoying some SpongeBob so don't feel too bad for them. heehee
The morning view from our window, looking straight out...
...looking left...
...looking right. Beautiful!!!!!
Jon is always having fun with the kids!!!
Sweet Jeremy!!! Jon doesn't look to happy in the shot but trust me, he was having a blast!!!

Even Jon joined in on the fun of jumping on the beds!!!
Running around the room... all evening and much of the morning. LOL
I wish I had got some shots of them jumping back and forth last night!!! It was a blast! But my camera battery needed charging and so these will have to do. ;D
He really loved those pillows! Perfect size for holding and hitting with!
Oh ya, My little man, jumping on the bed!!!
Emerging from the room! Ready to get home. :D

They loved posing for me with all that we saw! I love this photo because Jeremy wants to see the statues and Rebekah is trying to instruct him in the art of getting your picture taken (of which she is an expert!).
All kinds of ancient artifacts to see in the lobby! Really cool stuff like these statues!
Yes, looking up into the inside of the pyramid! There was absolutely no vertical supports that I could see!!! Amazing architecture!!!
Another fascinating Egyptian... thing. hahahahaha
One my favorites and the fact that they had live palm trees in the building!!! Yes, small things amaze me! hahaha
Wandering through the lobby (trying to find the back of the building)

Another thrilling escalator ride!!! Scary fun!!!
This is the closest we got to the outside of the hotel. And it was by chance because we were lost in our en devours to find the south parking lot and our car. We got lost a couple of times. hahaha
Oh yes, you can say it!!! This is a great shot of the hotel!!! :D
The front of the Luxor as we are leaving Vegas. It was a great adventure and the kids really loved it!!! We all loved it!!! We were so worn out from all the fun and we wanted to miss most of the traffic so we headed out on Sunday without even eating breakfast except for some light snacking. We stopped in Baker for some Carl's Jr. for lunch and that was the first fast food we had had all weekend! So fun!!! It was so great to get home though, even Jeremy was asking, "Hom, hom?" Now off to get all these pictures (plus tons more) printed and put in a scrapbook! Love you all!!!!

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